Chairmats (up to 12mm pile carpet - including underlay).

Anchormat heavyweight chair mats are heavy duty plasticized clear, solid vinyl with anchors on the underside to keep them firmly in place on carpeted surfaces.

Anchormat® is the proven quality chairmat in Australia. Anchormat® chairmats are famous for their quality and longevity. They are easliy recognised by the Anchormat® label, Anchormat® being a registered Australian Trademark. A pattern of hundreds of anchors across the underside keeps the mat firmly in place with no slipping or sliding on normal commercial carpet.

Made from plasticised clear solid vinyl, with strong anchors and a scuff resistant surface, Anchormat® is an elegantly styled chairmat designed to enhance any office decor, whilst protecting carpets from wear and providing ergonomic support for you and your staff. By supporting the castors on chairs allowing them to roll easily without sinking into the carpet, Anchormat prevents the straining that can potentially cause or exacerbate back and leg injuries.

Using Anchormat® chairmats is also a sure way of eliminating premature wear of carpets and flooring assisting you to meet your commercial lease conditions, saving you money.

Backed by a 5 Year Australian warranty, you can rest comfortably knowing that Anchormat® is the right choice when it comes to quality chairmats. Anchormats have been in use for more than 30 years, and can rightfully claim to be the most trusted chairmat sold in Australia.

Deluxe chairmat for +12mm pile carpet available POA.

Secretary 915mm X 1220mm
Executive 1135mm X 1330mm
Diplomat 1160mm X 1510mm
Secretary 915mm X 1220mm (no studs)
Executive 1135mm X 1330mm (no studs)
Diplomat 1160mm X 1510mm (no studs)