Projection Screens

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Wall Mounted Projection Screens that can also be mounted from the ceiling. Call Affordable Office Furniture at (02) 9899-4359 for more information.


Wall Mounted  Projection Screens

A quality general purpose retractable matt white PVC projection screen (USA material).  Screens feature a black border for sharper viewing.
The screen retracts back into a circular metal housing that can also be mounted from the ceiling.  Our range of sizes include (size is overall)

Code Wall Mounted Projector Screens Price
VP1515 1520 x 1520mm $185
VP1818 1780 x 1780mm $199
VP2121W 2130 X 2130mm $299
VP2418 2440 x 1850mm $399


Tripod  Projection Screens



  • A quality general purpose matt white PVC projection screen.

  • Strong yet lightweight design … easy to move around !  Take your screen with you … or move it around the office. Supplied with a black border around the screen for enhanced viewing

  • Strong black metal folding legs make for a very versatile screen …

  • Sizes are overall and include :

  • Code TRIPOD
    VP1515T 1520 x 1500mm $209
    VP1818T 1780 x 1780mm $239

Motorised  Screens


Ideal for any meeting room … or Home Cinema.
The motorised screens feature a whisper quiet motor and a quality (USA) white PVC screen with a black border.
Each screen comes with a wall switch ..which has ‘Up’, ‘Down’ and ‘Stop’.
As an added bonus … our motorised screens also come with a wireless remote control for effortless presentations. RF (radio frequency) means you can control your screen from anywhere in the room .. regardless of ‘line of sight’.  Control your screen up to 20 metres away.   Each screen has a ‘auto stop’ function.   The screen also allows you to program a set ‘drop height’ as well … ideal for meeting rooms where you dont want the screen to drop below the level of say .. the table.
The top aluminium housing measures 95 x 95 x 2000mm and feature a light bronze anodised finish.   Each motorised screen is ready to go … comes complete with a 5.4 metre power cable with plug attached.  Complete with a 12 months limited warranty.    The sizes listed are the overall screen size …

CODE Monitorised Screens
1830 x 1830mm $670
VP2020M 2000 x 2000mm $840
2440 x 1850mm $920

An Infrared (IR) remote control is supplied with every screen.  Button selection includes : Up, Down and Stop. Supplied with a wall cradle as well .. so you dont lose the remote