Projection Porcelain Whiteboards

Amazingly versatile porcelain whiteboards with a matt finish... allows you to use it as a "hard surface"  projection screen ... and/or a whiteboard. Ideal for placing interactive whiteboard devices onto (such as eBeam) Accepts magnets.

  • Extradordinary whiteboard surface with a 25 year writing warranty.
  • Highly recommended for high use whiteboard applications such as ...
    • schools, universities, training rooms ...
  • Use with magnets
  • Aluminium frame - standard with concealed fixings
  • Aluminium pentray
  • Galvanised steel sheet backing for added integrity
  • Australian made


2.  Projection Porcelain Whiteboards

If you have a standard whiteboard in your meeting room or classroom .. and use projectors on it .. it's time to update to the modern alternative ... Projection Porcelain.

A evolutionary matte grey porcelain surface with 60% less gloss than standard whiteboards.

Project with brilliant clarity ... and write on .. wipe off ... 25 year warranty

Standard frame .. with concealed wall fixings

  • The strength of a porcelain whiteboard .. with the benefits of a projection screen
  • Our Projection Porcelain whiteboards offer a low glare solution which is ideal to work with our VisionTouch interactive board
  • 60% less gloss than our porcelain whiteboards
  • Eliminates 'hot spots' on the screen
  • Durable - 25 year guarantee
  • Matte grey surface (magnetic)
  • For best results .. wet wipe the surface .. once per week
MBP5-P 1200X1200 $385
MBP7-P 1500X1200 $495
MBP9-P 1800X1200 $570
MBP10-P 2000X1200* $690
MBP11-P 2400X1200* $790
MBP12-P 3000X1200** $895
  • Check your access on these large boards.