Signs of a Well-designed Office: An Ergonomic Office Chair? A Reception Desk?

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If you run a small business, you will probably not have the luxury to get your workplace professionally designed by an architect or interior designer. However, isn’t it time that we do things properly, even on a budget?

Understandably, you are always on the lookout for the perfect reception area, workstation, meeting and conference rooms. While the HR department completes complicated tasks in no time, choosing and setting up affordable furniture could be a challenge.

Though to each his own, here are seven essentials of a successful office that promotes employee collaboration, productivity and well-being. They are as follows:

    1. Open and free-flowing layouts
      Nobody likes to work in a cramped space with rows of desks sandwiched together, which means noise and distraction as well. Choose a layout: either push all the furniture against the wall or have desks and chairs laid out systematically. Arrange the furniture at a reasonable distance from the front door or washroom, and have sufficient space for people to walk around without knocking into each other. The entrance should be cleared off as far as possible, yet allow interaction.
    2. Ample seating for the reception area
      The reception area would be the first thing visitors see, so there must be sufficient seating space. Apart from a reception desk, there must be sofa sets and home office desks in Sydney for seating executives. It is also a good idea to have a shoe-rack dedicated to visitors, to keep the waiting room neat and tidy.
    3. Comfortable furniture for workstations
      Ergonomic office chairs are now necessities in an office, which will greatly impact the workforce as well. Uncomfortable furniture will lead to backaches, pain in the neck and other medical conditions, and you do not want to deal with that as an employer. While buying furniture, do not go cheap. Used or otherwise broken furniture on a budget visually ruins the space and starts affecting the workforce themselves. If you do not have the time to check for furniture at regular stores, go for office furniture online for unbelievable discounts and offers.
    4. Formal and informal meeting rooms
      When you are at work, you need to have designated spaces for discussion. Meeting rooms should have home office furniture so that other teams are not disturbed by the noise and chatter. There should be comfortable seating, a whiteboard and a conference arranged aligning with the entrance, electrical and lighting installations.
    5. Leisure spots
      A separated zone for leisure promotes productivity and efficiency, as employees feel rested and calm after experiencing a visual change. An open layout office is quite noisy, but quiet hotdesking zones enable employees to work on individual projects with concentration.
      Brighten up blank walls with artwork, contrasting paint and rugs. Add contrasting colours, textures and designs to impress potential candidates and clients. For example, pair a neutral background with bright splashes of colour to display interest and creativity.
    6. Having greenery around the workplace
      Plants increase oxygen levels, reduce airborne dust and bugs and act as a visual stimulation to promote renewed feelings of energy, awareness and positivity to the workplace.
    7. Natural ventilation and light
      There are many offices devoid of abundant daylight and air circulation, and employees end up stressed out and unproductive. We absorb Vitamin D in the presence of sunlight, which keeps us awake, regulates our body clock and maintains a positive mood.
      Open windows bring in fresh moisture and oxygen and add a boost of freshness to the environment. For interiors, choose from the different types of lighting: task lighting for workstations, spotlights for relaxing areas and ambient lighting in the reception areas.

In the end, it is important to plan the office well before you bring in office desks online. If you are interested in choosing home office desks in Sydney, please reach out to us at Affordable Office Furniture.

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