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Good workplace design has a positive impact on the productivity and mood of the workers. In the last few years, employee wellness has become more front of mind of employers, and you would do well to invest in a happy, safe & harmonious workplace. Here are some interior design ideas that you should implement.

  • Introduce comfortable yet cheap office chairs: Nothing says that cheap cannot be of high quality. If you are concerned about the well-being of your staff, their comfort should be your top priority. Uncomfortable employees will not be able to work to their full potential, and consequently, it will affect your business. Comfortable and cheap office chairs will ensure that your employee remains motivated and happy. The office desks also have to be ergonomic, ensuring that employees do not strain their hands and wrists while working. Look for office chairs for sale in Sydney and Parramatta to get a good deal.
  • Interior colour palette: The colour of the interior can have a profound impact on the mood and productivity of your workers. Colours create a psychological impact on the mood and brain of individuals. If you want a vibrant environment, go for pop colours. If on the other hand, you want a calm and serene office, chose warm pastel shades.
  • Lighting: The lighting in the office space will have a significant effect on the productivity of your employees. If the office is dull and dimly lit, it will hurt the psyche of the workers. With a well-lit workplace, you will be ensuring that workers are active and energetic.
  • The shape of furniture: Unlike before, cheap office furniture is available in shapes other than the traditional round, rectangular, and square tables. Right from boardroom tables and office conference tablesyou need to make an educated choice keeping multiple factors in mind, such as the impact on the employee mood, their communication as well as collaboration needs, the size of your teams, and finally, their need for mobility in the office. Make sure that the office furniture allows for free and unhindered movement in and around the workplace.
  • Adjustable desks: Just like office chairs, office desks also need to be adjustable to accommodate the varying needs of the employees. Office desks need to be ergonomically designed so that people with different heights can use them with ease. Employees must feel comfortable while they work at their desks to ensure optimal productivity.
  • Office segregation: If you have a sizeable staff, it makes sense to segregate the office according to function and purpose. This way, different teams will have their own spaces to work, which can boost productivity. The segregation need not be permanent. These days, temporary partitions are available for office use.

Keeping these factors in mind will ensure that you derive the optimal output from your employees and staff without putting them under pressure. Invest in quality office furniture to be assured of a good return on investment in the form of high productivity and output. If you are interested in buying cheap office furniture in Sydney and Parramatta, please reach out to us at Affordable Office Furniture.

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