The Most Important Elements of a Well Designed Office Interior

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Does having a well designed workspace always mean having to spend large on top designers and exotic decor?

Are you at your wit’s end; trying to find the ideal conference table, workstations, or seating for your reception area?

These are some of the most frustrating facts of having to plan and organise a workspace. While corporate organisation and HR management are considerably complicated tasks; finding cheap office furniture that looks great is nearly impossible!

A well designed office interior is perfectly suited for work; while also creating an inviting environment for focus and comfort. It is not about spending on expensive furnishing, but more about knowing how to set-up the workspace for optimum productivity. For example, typical office reception furniture includes ample seating according to the number of visitors you expect on a regular basis. However, few people know which types of chairs or tables to buy!

While it’s impossible to provide specific advice on the matter, I’ll try and break it down to the most important elements of a well designed workspace –

  • Before you buy any cheap office furniture on sale, make sure you check them thoroughly. Many people buy used furniture to setup an office within a limited budget. However, broken and shabby furniture not only makes the workspace look dismal; it also begins to stress out a professional who has to work there every day! For the best deals on executive furniture products, look for older models from a reputed company. The older designs often have big discounts on the price tag, but they’re brand new.

  • When you want to buy the right conference table, start with your floor plan. Carefully study the physical measurements of the room you intend to use for conferences and meetings. You should also be careful how you arrange the seating around such a table, and where it will be placed according to the entrance(s) to the room. Also, pre-plan the lighting and electrical installations that you would need for such a set-up.

  • In a reception area, always have ample chairs available for visitors. However, it is also important to include at least one sofa set in your list for office reception furniture. This adds prestige to your workspace; and will be more suited for seating senior executives, or clients who would like to feel more comfortable than when sitting on a chair. Also, if you have a “No-Shoes” policy inside your workspace, you should provide a sufficiently large shoe-rack only for visitors. This will help your reception and waiting area look neat and tidy, even if you have a lot of people walking in and removing their footwear.

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